About GWI

GOLD WATER INTERNATIONAL, INC, GWI Foods, focuses on business research, development and innovation. Currently focusing on specialty Chinese traditional foods…Dumplings & Noodles! The exquisite flavors of Chinese traditional cuisine belong within Western culture. GWI’s mission is to supply these delicious and healthy foods to Western tables.Our Dumplings & Noodles are traditional, exceptional in flavor and superior products for the world to enjoy.

Established in Connecticut, USA since 2013

Our story & Founder

Our founder, Craig Li, grew up in a noodle city in China where he had an intense passion for food, particularly dumplings, one of his favorite dishes. However, he suffered from a gluten allergy that made it difficult for him to enjoy traditional noodles, and every time he ate gluten, his skin would turn red. As the years went by, he developed additional allergies to seafood.

It wasn’t until he came to the United States that he realized wheat was the culprit. His doctor suggested that he change his diet to gluten-free, and after a few years, the results were obvious. He was able to manage his allergies and live a healthier life.

This experience inspired him to set out on a mission to create delicious and healthy gluten-free dumplings that he and others with similar dietary restrictions could enjoy. In 2013, he founded GWI Foods, Inc., with a focus on creating gluten-free dumplings with a variety of flavors, including a special emphasis on meat alternative protein.

After years of research and experimentation, he and his team developed a gluten-free dough that met their high standards for taste and quality. Today, GWI Foods is proud to offer a range of gluten-free dumplings that are not only delicious but also healthy, made with only the best ingredients.

At GWI Foods, we are committed to providing people with gluten allergies and other dietary restrictions with tasty and healthy alternatives that don’t compromise on flavor. We hope that by sharing our founder’s story with you, you can understand the passion and dedication that goes into every dumpling we make.

Why GWI Foods

The GWI Foods’ mission to make Chinese food more suitable within American culture AND more convenient by cutting down the cooking procedure;

Easy to cook

Our ready-to-eat dumplings are ready only less than 2 minutes.

Ready to eat

Our dumplings no longer require steam, boil, or even frying by our customers, but rather, are ready-to-eat.

Quality assurance

We ensure quality, quantity and authentic taste to our customers.

GWI Foods will continue to innovate Chinese foods, beyond dumplings.
Our goal is to make “real” Healthy authentic Chinese foods suitable with every culture all around the world.
We will bring traditional Chinese dishes to become a top choice by millions.