Are you looking for Plant-Based Asian Traditional Foods? You are at the right spot! GWI Foods is pleased to present the new generation of dumplings: The 100% Plant-Based Dumplings. Our alternative protein fillings not only have various flavors, but still deliver the same juicy and tasty. But not only that, you have a choice for Gluten-Free & Plant-Based Dumplings!

Maximize your experience with alternative protein, Plant-Based, and all organic ingredients in dumpling fillings! A Juicy, Tasty, Healthy, and a new generation of dumplings that will completely SWAP your cognition of dumplings. What is more special about it? Our Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, and colored dumplings have the same texture and taste JUST like the traditional dumplings, but are a lot more healthier. GWI Foods only provide Delicious & Healthy Foods.

Have an allergy to wheat? No Problem! We have Gluten-Free dumpling wrappers available in all of our dumpling products just for you!