Are you looking for Plant-Based Asian Traditional Foods? You are at the right spot! GWI Foods is pleased to present the new generation of dumplings: The 100% Plant-Based Dumplings. Our alternative protein fillings not only have various flavors, but still deliver the same juicy and tasty. But not only that, you have a choice for Gluten-Free & Plant-Based Dumplings!

Maximize your experience with alternative protein, Plant-Based, and all organic ingredients in dumpling fillings! A Juicy, Tasty, Healthy, and a new generation of dumplings that will completely SWAP your cognition of dumplings. What is more special about it? Our Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, and colored dumplings have the same texture and taste JUST like the traditional dumplings, but are a lot more healthier. GWI Foods only provide Delicious & Healthy Foods.

Have an allergy to wheat? No Problem! We have Gluten-Free dumpling wrappers available in all of our dumpling products just for you!

Fortune Dumpling

GWI Foods presents and integrates Chinese traditional foods with American culture. With our Fortune Dumplings, we share our culture, bring our best wishes to all, and finally, wish everyone Good Fortune!

Colorful Happiness Dumpling

We invented the colorful happiness dumplings to spread happiness around the world.


GWI Foods uses its best special cooking formula to take care of the most important part of dumplings, the filling. We ensure taste, quality, and quantity to our customers. We ensure top-grade ingredients in the filling.

Pan-Fried Dumpling

Pan-fried dumplings, also known as pot-stickers, are traditional Chinese cuisine. Unlike boiled dumplings, pan-fried dumplings are usually served as an appetizer or breakfast.