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GOLD WATER INTERNATIONAL, INC, GWI Foods, focuses on business research, development and innovation. Currently focusing on specialty Chinese traditional foods…Dumplings & Noodles! The exquisite flavors of Chinese traditional cuisine belong within Western culture. GWI’s mission is to supply these delicious and healthy foods to Western tables.

Our Dumplings & Noodles are traditional, exceptional in flavor and superior products for the world to enjoy.  

Established in Connecticut, USA since 2013

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Have you really know what does authentic Chinese dumplings taste like? Do you really know why are dumplings so popular? Almost every dumpling in the world, no matter what style it is, what region does it come from……


‘The world’s pasta is in China, and Chinese pasta is in Shanxi’. There are 280 kinds of Shanxi pasta. Among them, the most famous Shanxi pasta is Sliced noodles. Shanxi sliced noodles, Beijing Fried Noodles (Zhajiangmian), Henan Xiaoji Stewed Noodles……